Sky’s the limit; Limit’s the sky: Is there a difference?

Sky's the limit; Limit's the sky: Is there a difference?

Some like to say that “Limit’s the sky” is a more…pessimistic view. However, I always thought that both sayings meant similar things.

[I believe] The sky is as high as you set it. Therefore both limits would be the same. Anyways …had these swimming in my head for a while and needed to ‘output’ them somewhere.

Yamazaki Whiskey Distillery

Yamazaki Whiskey Yamazaki Whiskey_2

Just some shots from the distillery we visited whilst in Japan. Reaaaaal busy with studies and stuff – so I’ve only gone through a few photos. Here’s something to ‘appease’ you readers haha.

Hope you like them 🙂 I personally found the meticulously arranged and labelled bottles to be intriguing. The shelves just gave off such a ‘medical’ feel to it – Whiskey making; a science.