Productive Procrastination

Decided to take a ‘break’ (if that can be counted at all since I didn’t even start) from studying. Have you noticed how the word ‘studying’ consists of essentially ‘students + dying’? *ahem* anyways continuing on…

Was looking for palette knife brushes online for Photoshop and stumbled upon this cool blog here:

I’ve got no qualms sharing this cos I think that her work is awesome 😀 haha. Ok so I found some brushes and put ’em into my PS.

Wa-ching ching! (sfx here yeah) Outcome of my experiment which-I-am-pretty-proud-of-if-I-do-say-so-meself 🙂

testing out new PS brushes
testing out new PS brushes

(they’re suppose to be maple leaves if you can’t tell) hehe proud of myself~ took me 40 mins for some doodley-goodness.  Probably the shortest amount of time I’ve ever taken to do a piece of ‘work’ as in like finished work, yeah.

Can you see my signature at the bottom left? I recently did a ‘create a signature’ session and discovered that my newly decided on signature was very good for uh – modifications. As you can see from the panda embellishment there.

Alrighty then, time to head back to the books 😦

Panda Power!

Team Panda

A drawing I did after a leadership camp at my college 🙂 We actually had 12 people pandas in our group but since I’m pretty forgetful I left one person panda out whilst drawing. 😦

Don’t you love pandas? They’re just adorable~ So cute and fat haha

Our team cheer was “Pa-a-nda, Panda! Ush USH” and of course the above quote.

(Ironically -or not- drawn with my Bamboo tablet)