Capture: Part of my IGCSE Art study on cameras

Some of my work from IGCSE. Especially proud of my last collage haha. Enjoyed trying out drypoint printing; though it takes a bit of getting used to.

Will post a continuation of my work which I did on clockwork.

Kyoto in Squares (and a rectangle)

Some shots of the streets in Kyoto 🙂 I like squares~ 

There’s this reaaaaaaaaaaaaally good ramen place just nearby Kyoto Station. Gosh, just thinking about it makes me hungry; sooooo good, so delicious. Even when we were full we could still consume the whole bowl (and the portion ain’t small). I’ll upload photos of the place later – it’s called Honke Taiichi Asahi (honke just meaning the original store).

If you’re EVER in Kyoto….go. It’s worth the wait – we went TWICE within 24 hours; the first time we had to wait close to 40 minutes to get in but the second time, maybe 15 mins? So, anyways – you can tell how good it is since we went back twice (would’ve gone for a third if we weren’t leaving the next day). Alright, refrain yourself Mel, I’ll stop now and save the rest for a full post, on its mouth-watering deliciousness, it deserves.

On a side note, finally figured out the gallery thing haha – so it should be easier to look through photos now. (from this post onwards at least)

Readers: ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ why you no do dis earlierrrr 

Me: m(_ _)m Sorry ╥﹏╥

Yamazaki Whiskey Distillery

Yamazaki Whiskey Yamazaki Whiskey_2

Just some shots from the distillery we visited whilst in Japan. Reaaaaal busy with studies and stuff – so I’ve only gone through a few photos. Here’s something to ‘appease’ you readers haha.

Hope you like them 🙂 I personally found the meticulously arranged and labelled bottles to be intriguing. The shelves just gave off such a ‘medical’ feel to it – Whiskey making; a science.

A Walk in the Forest

Today the forest near my place is having a ‘World Environment Day’ 😀 It said it was starting at 7am, so my dad and I got up at 6.30 and left for the forest!

But when we got there they weren’t set up yet; so we decided to take a walk by ourselves 🙂 We met someone else as well who wanted to walk the trail so we went as a little group (The more the merrier; Three’s a party)

Unfortunately it’s pretty cloudy today, so there wasn’t much interesting lighting. 😦 And since it’s a rainforest there wasn’t much light inside.

I’ve been on the trail before, we took some ‘detours’ (*cough* lost*cough*) but it was okay, since the shortest trail is around the lake, so just follow the lake~