Hello 2014!

Hi guys! Sorry (not really lol) haven’t been updating… I actually wanted to complete all my unfinished posts before the new year. But I had several things going on + laziness = nada.

Well will be trying to get back into the groove of posting things. I’ve just finished my A-levels so I’m free as heck.
Here’s a ‘sneaky’ totoro omnomnoming on some food.

Until my next post then!
Btw I drew this on my new Note 3! First test drawing 🙂

Kyoto in Squares (and a rectangle)

Some shots of the streets in Kyoto 🙂 I like squares~ 

There’s this reaaaaaaaaaaaaally good ramen place just nearby Kyoto Station. Gosh, just thinking about it makes me hungry; sooooo good, so delicious. Even when we were full we could still consume the whole bowl (and the portion ain’t small). I’ll upload photos of the place later – it’s called Honke Taiichi Asahi (honke just meaning the original store).

If you’re EVER in Kyoto….go. It’s worth the wait – we went TWICE within 24 hours; the first time we had to wait close to 40 minutes to get in but the second time, maybe 15 mins? So, anyways – you can tell how good it is since we went back twice (would’ve gone for a third if we weren’t leaving the next day). Alright, refrain yourself Mel, I’ll stop now and save the rest for a full post, on its mouth-watering deliciousness, it deserves.

On a side note, finally figured out the gallery thing haha – so it should be easier to look through photos now. (from this post onwards at least)

Readers: ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ why you no do dis earlierrrr 

Me: m(_ _)m Sorry ╥﹏╥

Yamazaki Whiskey Distillery

Yamazaki Whiskey Yamazaki Whiskey_2

Just some shots from the distillery we visited whilst in Japan. Reaaaaal busy with studies and stuff – so I’ve only gone through a few photos. Here’s something to ‘appease’ you readers haha.

Hope you like them 🙂 I personally found the meticulously arranged and labelled bottles to be intriguing. The shelves just gave off such a ‘medical’ feel to it – Whiskey making; a science.

Obsessions of the Melon #1: Music

Hey guys, basically, I plan on sharing my love of music through introducing my favourite songs weekly(?)!; original I know 😛

Or maybe more frequently during the start whilst I drill in all my favs haha

I listen to a large mixture of music and generally do not shy away from new genres. I enjoy the music regardless of language (though I must admit I have an aversion towards Indian music – sorry, not meant to be offensive in any way – just not my style :/); Mainly I listen to English and Japanese and sometimes Chinese music.

I thoroughly enjoy J-rock, though maybe it’s more ‘pop’ than actual rock. I have low tolerance for heavy metal music and also extremely generic anime songs (you know those soft voiced, flowery sounding ones . I used to love those…yeah…USED to.)

Ohhhh I get reaaaaaally excited when I share my music 😀 But I shall contain myself and try to introduce ONE (or two since I’m so impatient) songs per post 😛 (in other words be prepared to see loads of posts hahahaha)

Here’s the first song; it’s by MAN WITH A MISSION a japanese alternative pop group who always wear a wolf mask whilst performing.

This song of theirs, ‘Emotions’, got me hooked the moment I heard the intro.

Okay the next song is another Japanese band, for those of you who don’t enjoy the ‘rock’y feel of music, you’re more likely to like this one. Added bonus is that the MV is pretty cute too.

Their called Tokyo Karankoron and this song is called ‘Issei no, Se!’.

Well I hope you enjoyed the music 🙂 if you didn’t, I hope that I:

1) Eventually cause you to like this kind of music due to repetition. haha jokes.

2)Share the type you DO like in the near future. 🙂

If anyone has any music they think I will like (or won’t like but would still like to share)…please.

SHAREEEEEE. I love discovering new music 😉

p.s. if you’re wondering why the post is called ‘Obsessions of the Melon’. First of all – ‘Melon’ is a nickname of mine 🙂 . Second, I was planning on calling this post ‘Current Addictions’ but that sounded too generic and the title could be easily misinterpreted 😛 haha

Experimenting with tilt-shift

I took some of my photographs from my Japan trip and decided to try something new. I’ve always been intrigued by the mini world created so quickly through trickery of the eyes. So I googled the process of ’tilt-shifting’ and was pleasantly surprised to find that the technique was very simple.

Here are some of my results 🙂

Taken around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.


View from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Hustle and bustle of Shinjuku Station at night.


I love looking at all the little people walk around >_< so cute~