Unproductive Procrastination

Just finished my A2 trials last Thursday, have a week ‘break’ now. Argh, can’t seem to get into the ‘study’ mood. So a pretty unproductive day :/

Some late night doodles here:

Productive Procrastination

Decided to take a ‘break’ (if that can be counted at all since I didn’t even start) from studying. Have you noticed how the word ‘studying’ consists of essentially ‘students + dying’? *ahem* anyways continuing on…

Was looking for palette knife brushes online for Photoshop and stumbled upon this cool blog here:Β http://ypyeoh.blogspot.com/

I’ve got no qualms sharing this cos I think that her work is awesome πŸ˜€ haha. Ok so I found some brushes and put ’em into my PS.

Wa-ching ching! (sfx here yeah) Outcome of my experiment which-I-am-pretty-proud-of-if-I-do-say-so-meself πŸ™‚

testing out new PS brushes
testing out new PS brushes

(they’re suppose to be maple leaves if you can’t tell) hehe proud of myself~ took me 40 mins for some doodley-goodness. Β Probably the shortest amount of time I’ve ever taken to do a piece of ‘work’ as in like finished work, yeah.

Can you see my signature at the bottom left? I recently did a ‘create a signature’ session and discovered that my newly decided on signature was very good for uh – modifications. As you can see from the panda embellishment there.

Alrighty then, time to head back to the books 😦

AS Exams Over :D

Muahaha My exams are over πŸ˜€ though I have A2 in Oct/Nov.

Hehe. My friends were like ‘screw you’; the ones who still have exams.

Working on some crocheting now, making me-self an amineko πŸ™‚ They’re so cute I couldn’t resist. Also trying out this yarn I got from Daiso whilst in Japan, it’s so nice and colourful. Will post up pictures when i’m done.

Now that I kinda have a break till the start of term in July, going to keep myself busy with building up portfolio work. YEAH!

Also going to Osaka/Kyoto at the end of June – so I need to plan for that too. My bro’s leaving for the UK after 😦

Well here’s an scan of a linoprint I did around a year and a half ago? For my IGCSE Art.

Bright Blue!

In the style of this Malaysian artist…who I can’t remember right now; he used a really bright red and had clear bold lines – which I clearly enjoyed and so incorporated into my work.

I miss having all these art facilities at hand 😦 too bad. I sometimes feel extremely limited in the media in which I can work in due to my lack of access to facilities such as a printing press – inks, turp. Yeah. No darkroom either. Sigh.

So time to try some other possible-to-do-at-home methods instead πŸ™‚